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Delivering technology, software, hardware, and IT support and to your business.

RML & the Team

Rick Maharajh

President & Chairman

Rick Founded RML with a specific deliverable, helping organizations achieve their IT and profitability goals while powering their business technologies.

Through his consultative technical approach, he consistently delivers the best results for RML’s customers and our various markets served. He brings extensive experience in a Solid Value Based, Solution Portfolio for SMB, SME, and Large Enterprise Organizations.


Ben Capua

Director of Operations

Ben's increasing intrigue and passion for technology lead him to find an avenue that could best serve growing businesses. RM Logitech empowered that drive, and he began applying new technologies to those seeking solutions.

With his years of marketing and operations experience, he intends to optimize the efforts and potential of companies around the world. 


Mariano Bermudez

Director of IPFone Business
Phone Solutions

With over 15 years of high-level VoIP experience and 27 years in telephony, Mariano's passion is finding the communication technology that optimizes your business.


Scott Colagrossi

Business Consultant

With years of experience managing teams of up to 185 associates, Scott knows the importance of having quality IT solutions and support when there are missions to accomplish. Donning nearly 20 years of dedicated service in the United States Marine Corps, his problem-solving capabilities are second to none. We ensure that he'll provide quality business solutions for all of your needs. 

RM Logitech provides Business Technology & Solutions

We are committed to supporting a high-quality process; we have teamed up with authorized global partners who support growth, sustainability, engineering quality parts, supplies, and services delivering leading technology and solutions that power your business.

We take steps to reduce our carbon foot-print, preserving our environment by implementing strict manufacturing processes and recycle programs.

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